A message from the Board of Directors:

Dear friends, colleagues and supporters of Curtain Razors. The past month has been filled with sadness, remembrance, and struggle as we try to move on from the irreparable loss that Michele’s passing has created. As we try to find the path forward we know Michele would want us to carry on with her work and her commitments to other arts organizations and projects she envisioned or supported. To that end the directors of the Board of Curtain Razors have been meeting to address current needs in terms of projects and budgets, the status of planned or promised activities and where the future might lead.

As you can imagine with an organization built on the creative spirit and driving force of one individual the artistic and administrative challenges we now face are significant. Our short term goal is to clarify expectations from our community partners, including granting agencies, co-producing organizations and individual artists and cultural workers. We will then determine our ability to meet the financial and creative production requirements of these commitments. Your patience and understanding during this time of transition is most appreciated.

We want to assure you that we intend to honour Michele’s legacy to the best of our ability and seek your input as we look towards what the future holds for Curtain Razors. We will update you regularly on this web site and our other social media sites.