Live. Here. Now.


We fully recognize that the real strength of theatre exists solely in its ability to engage a live audience to communally experience performance in real time. We are committed to theatre that innately understands why it’s a live event – a theatre that invites an audience to actively participate in a ritual of live performance and that reminds us of the complexity of the human condition. Theatre is essentially LIVE.


We treasure and promote the local and unique context of theatre in an era of increasing globalization. Our work is about this place, is about the local experience, and is about the narratives of Saskatchewan. We reject the idea that important culture can only come from elsewhere, but rather, we must prioritize, support and treasure the personal narratives and the artistic voices of HERE.


We celebrate the ephemeral and immediate nature of live performance. Live performance lives and breathes and only exists in the present – and yet each moment disappears quickly and is gone forever. Only in live performance can we ritualize the temporal nature of the human life cycle of birth and death. Live theatre is NOW.