Carmen Angel by Joey Tremblay

A collection of impressions, dreams and poignant photographs, combined with a recollection of most intimate memories, poetic confessions and odd-ball characters, Carmen Angel is a visceral story told from the point of view of criminal photographer Joe. There are hints of Greek mythology, Dickensian imagination and silver screen glamour in this startling tale of lost innocence.

Already a critically acclaimed one person show that toured nationally and internationally, Tremblay created an extended version of the play that included a five person chorus and a cast of puppets.

“There is not a single aspect of this production where sacrifices have been made. From the writer to the set and sound designer, every member of the team approaches his/her task as an Olympic discipline, reminding us that theatre is not solely the domain of any one person over another, even when creating a one-person show. As a result, unlike many others, this solo show is never about display, but always about dramatic action and theatricality.” – The Scotsman