Live Duet conceived and created by Johanna Bundon and Jayden Pfeifer with dramaturgical consultation by Joey Tremblay

Live Duet is a collaborative project between Curtain Razor’s Artistic Associates Jayden Pfeifer and Johanna Bundon. They are the co-instigators, co-creators, and co-performers in this two-person performance piece.

Live Duet delights and celebrates the formal elements of performance, while intentionally (and irreverently) exposing the form and structure of performance to everyone in the room. Audience and performers alike are entangled in a live experience that reveals and revels in the behind-the-scenes subtext of stage spectacle, and romantic relationship. At its core, Live Duets is a live theatre experience that is often interrupted by its colloquial first cousins: tango, improvisation, comedy, magic, and marriage.